“For those who enjoy this contemporary musical genre and are seeking fresh discoveries with added technical challenge, this intelligent and superbly crafted collection can be warmly recommended, and without any reservation.” – Andrew Eales (Pianodao)
(Change for Solo Piano, sheet music, 2021)

“The music is varied in style and expresses a wide range of emotions – perfect for soundtracks! This is an outstanding album from the first note to the last and a likely candidate as a favorite album for the year.
Change grabbed me right away and held on tight. I give it my highest recommendation!” – Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano)
(Change, piano album, 2017)

“Those Nights is a stunningly beautiful solo piano album. The music is expressive and emotional, and is surprisingly mature. If Josh Winiberg is this good at twenty-one, look out world – we’re seeing a major force in the music world developing before our very eyes!” – Kathy Parsons (Solo Piano Publications)
(Those Nights, piano album, 2008)

“Josh’s piano playing is really good, full of character with nice control of sound and breath.” – Ludovico Einaudi (pianist/composer)
(Sunrise, piano album, 2004)

Britain have what it takes. You cannot say otherwise, they understand solid techno. Josh Winiberg is no exception, and with Piggyback he brings us a very harmonic number. Driving bass, gentle kicks, and pulsating synthesisers, all at a stable 125 BPM. A very fine thing! The B-side, Oracle, is also exciting. Peppered with a little more synth, and even more downward pressure on the bass, Oracle shows a somewhat darker side of the artist. A solid record for dark techno parties. 8/10” – FAZEMag (full review in original German here)
(Piggyback EP, 2014)

“Good hear to hear piano edging back into the spotlight again and when it’s played as well as this then all good. Josh Winiberg’s unfussy yet emotive keys almost feel as though they should be heard all on their own, although with a suitably uncomplicated drum section this works very well… 4/5” – DMC World Magazine
(Awakening EP, 2014)

Client Testimonials

“Josh recently completed the dialogue editing and sound mixing on my debut feature film. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, concise in his approach and really lifted the film’s sound design. We had brilliant communication with each-other throughout the process, which is key in any working environment. I learnt so much working with Josh and look forward to working with him again in the future.” – Marc Coleman (Double Dinner Films)
(Manfish, film, 2022)

“Alex [Milne, co-writer and guitarist] and Josh were consummate professionals throughout; helping to bring a rather unique project to fruition while ensuring that all those who participated thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The pair interpreted the brief perfectly, were timely in their communication and made a first foray into the recording industry a positive joy for all involved.” – Clare Smith (Bonce PR)
(National Lottery 20th Anniversary composing and recording commission, 2014)

“I’ve been working with Josh since college. My AFI thesis film marked our 4th collaboration. The fact that two complete strangers became long time working partners says it all.” – Quan Zhou (director & writer, American Film Institute)
(Woman in Fragments, film, 2013)

“We recently worked with Josh on a project that involved attention to detail and adaptability. Josh composed the full soundtrack to our production with a high degree of quality and finesse. He helped make our vision for the show a reality. All the music was fantastic, we asked for a multitude of different tracks that were contrasting but kept a strong theme throughout. It linked the show perfectly as well as being emotive and narrative. He is our first port of call for any project we require music for.” – Dylan Tate (owner, Purple Goat Theatre Company)
(Robin Hood, theatre production, 2013)

Josh composed all the music for my game, Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso. The excellent quality and variety of the pieces gave the game a real flare and added to the overall feel. I’d recommend his talents as a composer to anyone.” – Steve Ince (video game writer & producer)
(Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso, video game, 2005)

“Josh is an extraordinary, talented composer, who was able to produce several music pieces in a short amount of time for two short films that I directed. His dedication and enthusiasm to do the best music score possible for each film was greatly noted and appreciated. Both his musical pieces have played a significant part in both films.” – Sergei Petrov (director, Scarborough Film Festival)