Piano & Soundtrack Releases:
Change (album, 2017)BUY
Woman in Fragments OST (EP, 2014)
Whereabouts OST (EP, 2010)
Those Nights (album, 2008)
Silent Embrace (album, 2005)
Sunrise (album, 2004)

House & Techno Releases:
‘Dawn in Berlin’ on My Tech House Summer 2020 (compilation, Push Communications, 2020) – Out July 24th, 2020
Selected Electronic Works (2013-2016) (album, 2019)BUY
‘Let’s Call it a Day’ on My Deep House Summer Edition (compilation, Push Communications, 2016)BUY
Lost in Time EP featuring Matthias Vogt Remix (EP, Plus Plus, 2016)BUY
The Floating Admiral (12″ compilation, Really, 2015) BUY
Carried Away (EP, Drizzle Music, 2015)BUY
‘Ce Soir’ feat. Matthieu Pons on My Deep House 8 (compilation, Push Communications, 2014)BUY
Awakening (EP, Plus Plus, 2014)BUY
Piggyback (EP, Sublunary Records, 2014)BUY
‘A Hard Night’s Day’ on A Rather Coy 2014 Part 2 (compilation, Oh So Coy, 2014)BUY
‘AMT’ on My Deep House 7 (compilation, Push Communications, 2014)BUY
Remix for Saganaga EP (remix, Plus Plus, 2014)
‘Acid Angel’ on My Tech House 7 (compilation, Push Communications, 2013) – BUY
Sunrise Symphony (EP, Plus Plus, 2012)
Remix for Back 4 More (remix, Plus Plus, 2012)
‘Tweety’ on Out of the Woods (12″ compilation, Really, 2012)
‘Mr Smiles’ on Kunst Des Schönen Spiels Der Empfindungen (compilation 12″, Really, 2011) – COLLECTOR’S ITEM – CONTACT FOR INFO
Lost for Words (single, Dichotic Recordings, 2011)
‘Nobody Gets Nothing’ with Sygaire (Roskow Kretschmann) on Dairmount Presents Perspectives 05 Pt. 2 (compilation, Room with a View, 2011) – BUY
Cerebral Labyrinth (EP, Dichotic Recordings, 2011)

Commissions and Other Credits:
The Woods Near Jacob’s Farm (film, Ark Indie Productions, 2020)
The Man Who Wouldn’t Die (film, Bare Lies Productions, 2020)
Off the Hook (film, Ark Indie Productions, 2019)
‘Alone’ – Romi Neal (single, 2017) (Co-composer, recording engineer, producer) – BUY
Promotional film for Chinese school (advert, 2016)
Shiatzy Chen (advert, 2015)
Payment (film, Steve Ince, 2015)
The Fishwives’ Tale (radio, Falling Tree Productions / BBC Radio 4, 2015)
King Arthur (theatre production, Purple Goat Theatre Company, 2015)
John Peters New York (advert, 2015)
Jessie & Jane (advert, 2015)
Uncommon Law (film, Cold Silver Films, 2015)
National Lottery 20th Anniversary Song (promotion, Bonce PR, 2014)
Woman in Fragments (film, Silent Embrace Productions, 2013) – PREVIEW
Robin Hood (theatre production, Purple Goat Theatre Company, 2013)
‘When the Boat Comes In/Eternal Father’ (single, Fishwives Choir, 2013) Musical director, co-composer, piano)
Grimms’ Fairy Tales (theatre production, Purple Goat Theatre Company, 2012)
Pinocchio (theatre production, Purple Goat Theatre Company, 2011)
Triptychon (video-dance, Tanzfähig, 2011)BUY
triGespräch (dance performance, Tanzfähig, 2011)
Whereabouts (film, 1987 Motion Pictures, 2010)
Hard Verdreht (video-dance, Netwerk Tanz, 2010)
Roots in a Torrent (album, Tina Mali, 2010)BUY (Co-composer, ‘Steal Your Motive’)
Untitled (instrumental composition, Manu Delago, 2009)
BBC Essex Introducing… (radio music beds, BBC Essex, 2009)
Trailer (film, TPM Pictures, 2008)
Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso (video game, Juniper Games, 2005) FREE DOWNLOAD (PC ONLY)