Josh Winiberg is a composer, pianist, and electronic music producer from the UK.
Josh’s music has been used in over 30 award-winning films, video games, contemporary dance productions, radio documentaries and theatre shows.
Published by Editions Musica Ferrum. Playlisted by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio and HDSounDI.
Josh’s last album, Change, has been streamed over a million times.

A relatively late starter on the piano, Josh began teaching himself to play in 2002, aged 14. What he lacked in experience and formal piano education, he made up for with an insatiable hunger for music. This drive intensified following the terminal diagnosis of his step-father. After chancing upon Ludovico Einaudi on Classic FM, Josh was inspired to compose an album to give to his step-father – himself a musician – before he passed away.

Racing against the clock, by 2004 Josh had composed and released his first solo piano album, ‘Sunrise’. Although very rough around the edges, it received positive feedback from Einaudi. Praise was also received from founder David Nevue, who welcomed Josh onto the Whisperings artist roster. As a result, Josh was invited to perform his work at the prestigious Ravello Festival, Italy, where he debuted his second piano album, ‘Silent Embrace’.

A year later, Josh received his first commission, composing the soundtrack for the cartoon platform game ‘Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso‘ (by award-winning writer, Steve Ince, of ‘Broken Sword’ and ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’ fame). Josh and Steve are currently collaborating on the upcoming point-and-click game, ‘Crow Girl’.

Upon finishing school, Josh began studying a BA in Music Composition at Dartington College of Arts, where he released his third solo album, Those Nights, which was warmly received by Kathy Parsons of In 2008, he took part in an ERASMUS exchange program to Berlin, a city he returned to on a long term basis following the completion of his degree. While continuing to compose soundtracks, Josh became increasingly inspired by the nightlife in his new home. Within a few months of sampling the Berlin scene, (and true to every cliché about the city), Josh was producing and performing electronic music, blending his classical flair with the hypnotic, German flavour of after-hour techno. Since then, Josh’s productions have been supported by some of the world’s most respected DJs and electronic music magazines including John Digweed, Pig & Dan, Josh Butler, Matthias Vogt, Daniel Bortz, Faze Magazine and DMC World Magazine.

In 2009, hang drum pioneer and YouTube sensation Manu Delago premiered one of Josh’s compositions for hang and string quartet.

Returning back to the UK in 2013, Josh was approached by American Film Institute alumnus and long term collaborator Quan Zhou to provide the soundtrack for his next film, Woman in Fragments. This moving drama went on to be screened at film festivals internationally, including Cannes.

The soundtrack to Woman in Fragments, as well as the narrative themes running throughout the film, formed the basis of a new instrumental album, Change, which was released in 2017. This album was featured by the HDSounDI YouTube channel and has since received over a million streams, as well as being touted as a contender for album of the year by Kathy Parsons at

In 2015, music from ‘Those Nights’, was used in the BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘A Fishwives Tale‘, by award-winning radio production house, Falling Tree (Hana Walker-Brown).

In 2018, Josh took up classical piano lessons with local virtuoso Naoko Inoue, tackling more advanced repertoire and honing his craft. Later that year he won the Southend Music Festival piano section with three gold medal performances of pieces by Beethoven, Chopin and Schubert. The following year, he gained the DipABRSM performance diploma in piano.

The years since have seen Josh return more extensively to soundtrack writing, scoring three short horror films: ‘Off the Hook’ (Best Short Film, 2022), ‘The Woods Near Jacob’s Farm’ and ‘See What She Did’, as well ‘Paradise’ – the powerful short story of a Polish migrant to the UK.

2021 saw the release of Josh’s first published book of sheet music, solo piano arrangements from the album Change, which was released by Editions Musica Ferrum and received a positive review by PianoDao. A new album for piano, violin, and cello was debuted in 2022, and is scheduled for recording soon.