News, Feb 2020

More tracks from the 2017 album ‘Change’, featuring Alex Milne and Bergersen Quartet, have been featured on the HDSounDI YouTube channel, where I’m thrilled to say the response has been amazing. Four months since the first track was posted up, we’re now approaching half a million views across four tracks: Prelude, Remember, Amor Fati, and The Dancer. I want to say a huge thanks to Mark from HDSounDI for his support, and to all those who have left feedback and bought the album through this channel!

In other news, I’ve been revisiting some very old works from my first albums, written in my teens (the earliest being 17 years ago). Though deeply flawed in many ways (bad performance, terrible recording, and some questionable musical decisions!), there are some tracks there that I’d really like to edit and re-record. So I am thinking about starting a Crowdfund campaign to re-record a selection of tracks from my old albums: ‘Sunrise’, ‘Silent Embrace’, ‘Those Nights’, and ‘Whereabouts’ (the soundtrack for a student film by Zhou Quan, who I went on to work with on his film ‘Woman in Fragments’).

Speaking of films, I’m contributing some music to two upcoming films by Southend based film makers Dan Keeble and James Wilsher (‘The Woods Near Jacob’s Farm’, and ‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Die’). I’m also slowly but surely starting work on the soundtrack for a new game by Steve Ince (of ‘Broken Sword’ fame). I’m really excited to be working with Steve after all these years (he gave my first first composition gig for his whacky puzzle/platformer ‘Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso’)!

So busy time ahead! If you’re interested to learn more please be sure to give me a follow on Facebook – the link is at the bottom of the page. Thanks!